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EP 26 - How to Set Goals that Excite You

January 24, 2022 Season 1 Episode 26
The Non-Diet Mom Show
EP 26 - How to Set Goals that Excite You
Show Notes

Happy New Year mommas!
Did you know that the top 4 New Years Resolutions of 2020 in North America were:
- exercising more
- improving their diet
- losing weight
- and saving money
Does this surprise you? How many times have you set goals through the SMART goal system, only to find by the end of this month you were struggling to stay committed. 
Today on the show I want to teach you the following:

  • Why SMART goals don't work for most people (there is a missing step)
  • 2 main mistakes people make when goal setting
  • How to set goals that excite you
  • The mindset tool to feeling great in your body (without ever having to restrict food (diet) again)
  • A reflection activity to brainstorm your goal feelings
  • How to work with me further if you need some support

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Looking forward to meeting you, I am honoured and grateful to support you on this healing journey.

xo Jolyn Martin

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