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EP 25 - I Never Thought I would Be Happy with My Body without Losing Weight - With Sarah Miller

December 26, 2021 Season 1 Episode 25
The Non-Diet Mom Show
EP 25 - I Never Thought I would Be Happy with My Body without Losing Weight - With Sarah Miller
Show Notes

Life is too short to count calories and to try and squeeze into your skinny jeans two sizes too small for comfort. But it's not your fault if you are
neck deep in believing your true life will start once you reach a thinner destination. We have all been conditioned to believe this through thin actors in Hollywood to magazines claiming you need to earn your bikini.

Today on the show I am interviewing Sarah Miller, mom of 3, who is a graduate of the Nourished Moms, Healthy Kids program July 2021.
Today she shares her journey from body dissatisfaction to body neutrality throughout the 12 weeks and how she has applied the principles she learned in the NMHK program to her family life. The language her children are growing up around is now inclusive, body-positive and empowering.

Sarah shared this about the Nourished Moms, Healthy Kids Program:

I can honestly say that this program has changed my life. Jolyn, you are such a wonderful teacher. Your enthusiasm, energy, and passion for this topic is contagious. I never thought I would be happy with my body without losing weight or looking a certain way, but I am happy and now enjoy being active because it's fun and makes me feel great. Thank you for all of it.
- Sarah Miller

I am so thrilled to present this interview to you today.
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