The Non-Diet Mom Show

EP 20 - Meal Planning for Moms with Lisa Dahl

November 22, 2021 Season 1 Episode 20
The Non-Diet Mom Show
EP 20 - Meal Planning for Moms with Lisa Dahl
Show Notes

In today's episode, Lisa Dahl, of Lisa Dahl Wellness, shares her best tips for meal planning if you have little tummies to feed. Lisa was a caterer and worked in food services for many years and is now an intuitive eating health coach.
Today she shares practical examples and ways for you to use the food in your pantry, plan ahead when making meals, and find foods that everyone in your house can enjoy.
Enjoy the episode!

About Lisa:
Lisa Dahl is a certified Intuitive Eating and Body Image Health Coach at Lisa Dahl Wellness. Through Intuitive Eating, she helps women make peace with their food and body. Lisa teaches women to listen, trust, and respect their body to be happy, healthy, and confident at any size. Lisa offers her premier program Body Peace & Food Freedom. She has certifications in Intuitive Eating, health and wellness coaching, personal training, and group facilitation from Be Body Positive and Lisa’s coaching philosophy is to ditch the diet and to focus on Progress, not Perfection.

Contact Lisa on:
Lisa's free guide: Mindful Meal Planning
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