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EP 36 - Diabetes and Eating Intuitively with Lindsay Sarson

April 04, 2022 Season 1 Episode 36
The Non-Diet Mom Show
EP 36 - Diabetes and Eating Intuitively with Lindsay Sarson
Show Notes

Is it possible to have diabetes and be free from a life of restriction and dieting? Today on the show my guest is an expert in healing your relationship with food specifically for people living with diabetes.
We talk about Lindsay's story as a person living with Type 1 diabetes, how she went from a restrictive eater to food freedom, and how she now supports her clients on this journey.

More about Lindsay: Lindsay Sarson is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Licensed Mindful Eating for Diabetes Facilitator and host of The Intuitive Diabetic Podcast.  Lindsay runs an online non-diet, holistic nutrition practice that is focused on helping her clients ditch the diets and improve their relationships with food and body so that they can sustainably support their whole health (mind, body, spirit), including their blood sugars.  As a person living with diabetes (Type 1), Lindsay has a special interest in changing the diet culture narrative prevalent in diabetes and helping those living with diabetes reconnect with their intuitive eater so that they can eat with more ease and thrive in their NOW body.

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Freebie:  Food Freedom Roadmap 

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