The Non-Diet Mom Show

EP 35 - 3 Tips to Combat Negative Body Image

March 28, 2022 Season 1 Episode 35
The Non-Diet Mom Show
EP 35 - 3 Tips to Combat Negative Body Image
Show Notes

What happens when we have a negative body image? It affects our self-esteem, we tend to disconnect from our relationship with our innate worth, we eat based on rules instead of body trust, and it's near impossible to live empowered lives.

When we are in the trap of a negative self image, we tend to board the train of perfectionism in ways not only in how we eat or exercise, but we try to excel in other ways to gain approval and seek evidence that we are worthy.

That ends today. 
Detaching your self-worth from your body image is one of the most LIFE-IMPACTING, powerful work you can do. 
Listen in on today's episode where I discuss:

  • Why we as moms struggle so much with our body image, 
  • Why everything we try doesn't work long term, 
  • The mindset hack that will have you feeling great in your body without ever having to diet or restrict food again. 
  • Why hiring a coach will fast-track your unlearning/healing process

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