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EP 30 - Done with Dieting with Gillian Yuan

February 21, 2022 Jolyn Martin Season 1 Episode 30
The Non-Diet Mom Show
EP 30 - Done with Dieting with Gillian Yuan
Show Notes

Today on the show my dear friend and colleague Gillian Yuan, founder and creator of the Motherhood Undieted Podcast, is here to share a bit of her story from owning a lactation consultant business, working with moms for 14+ years as a community postpartum nurse, to now being an intuitive eating health coach for moms. Today she is going to talk about how she’s merged her experiences and healed her own body image struggles. 

Gillian Yuan is a chronic dieter turned body-acceptance and Mind-Body Eating Coach! 

After being anorexic as a teen ballet dancer and then developing a temporary heart condition as an adult after the birth of her son, which was exasperated by her strict diet and exercise routine, Gillian knew something had to change. 

Her journey to healing her own relationship with food and her body, Gillian found a passion for sharing intuitive eating and the mind-body connection with other women and moms after seeing the life-giving effects of finding body and food freedom. 

I know you will enjoy this episode, Gillian is amazing and I can’t wait for your to connect with her. 

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