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EP 28 - 5 Steps to Changing Your Exercise Mindset

February 07, 2022 Jolyn Martin Season 1 Episode 28
The Non-Diet Mom Show
EP 28 - 5 Steps to Changing Your Exercise Mindset
Show Notes

If you have struggled with finding exercise you enjoy, todays episode is for you.
For many people, the word 'exercise' feels like a heavy word loaded with expectations, pressure, to-do lists and punishment. That's why I try to encourage those deconstructing exercise to change the word to movement for a time because our bodies need movement, any movement, for optimal function. Exercise is just a fancier word that has been co-opted by the very loud weight loss industry, hence creating this idea that exercise is for either 'earning or burning' food.
Today I give you 5 steps to help you change your mindset to find movement that is fulfilling and enjoyable.

About the host:
Jolyn Martin is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and intuitive eating & body image coach from Kitchener, ON, Canada. Jolyn is a mom of 2 and is passionate about helping other moms heal their relationship with food, body and exercise. Shortly after starting her career in the fitness industry, she started to notice the dangerous and toxic effects of chasing thinness and finding self-worth in body image. After dismantling her own beliefs, Jolyn has now made it her life mission to help women become the experts of their own bodies.

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